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jaclynn is my hairdresser, she started cutting my hair a year ago however i had never had her do anything other than a haircut (which always comes out fantastic) after just having a baby us women know how it is, the first time you get a chance to go somewhere where you have to look nice (a wedding in my case), you want to look like you DIDNT just have a baby. Sooooo, having said that i wanted to look my best at my friend lils wedding (not like i had been up all night feeding a newborn). That where jackie came in. My appointment was fantastic. i wanted to do something different and i trust jackie so much that i actually told her to give me bangs, REAL bangs which came out so fantastic i kept them and still have them. anyways, i have very long hair so i told her i wasnted it in a ponytail with a "poof" if you will, in the back so it added volume and away she went, teasing and poofing and pinning and curling my long locks. the end result was beautiful. with my new found love for my bangs that she cut and my poofed up pony tail i was ready to go, post baby body and all, feeling better than i had about my appearance in weeks. thank you jackie for being the best hair sylist and listening to what you client want, and also steering us in the right direction for hair and makeup

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