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Bridesmaid Kylie

My best friend had recently gotten married in Middletown, Rhode Island. I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding. When she first came to me about Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup and asked what I thought about not going to a salon... I said lets try it. We were first introduced actually through a photo shoot where the bride got her hair and makeup done...Everything came out beautiful then!! So why not!!! The wedding was on a Sunday and everything went as planned! Jaclynn and her team showed up promptly at 9am! They had their work cut out for them with seven girls to do hair and makeup. Airbrushed makeup was offered, I didn't part take, I just did traditional. However it was just perfect! I was asked what I liked and Jaclynn's team member knew exactly the direction to go! I never wear tons of makeup but everything was light and beautiful. All three girls were so nice and energetic and so much fun!! I was the last to get my hair done. Mainly because my hair is so fine and there just isn't much there and it always seems to fall out anyway. But I went for an up-do, I really wanted to do this rose inspired up-do but with the lack of hair and tons of layers my dream was not a reality. Although I wasn't able to get that specific up-do the girls still knew exactly what to do. My hair turned out so beautiful I was amazed and it passed the test of staying up the entire night!! That is a first for this gal! I was so impressed!!! In all the entire experience was just amazing!! I can say for when or if I get married I know who to call!! Thank you so much!!!

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