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Bride Traci R

Jaclynn is wonderful! She is one of the sweetest and most attentive hair/makeup artists I have ever met. Prior to my trial she looked at all of my inspiration photos and listened to all of my ideas. Jaclynn was extra accommodating to my makeup allergies and concerns. I wanted my makeup to feel light and natural. She applied my makeup little by little letting me check what I liked and disliked every step of the way. She took so much extra time just to make sure I was happy and comfortable. It looked beautiful and natural. It was my first experience with airbrush makeup and I loved it! Light, natural and it lasted.My hair was amazing! She carefully pinned soft and delicate curls into an updo. After she finished she made sure I was happy with every little curl and detail. She is sooo patient! My usually unruly hair held the curls perfectly. I could not have been happier. Sweet, patient and VERY talented. Jaclynn and her team are wonderful! A great choice!

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