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Lets Talk About Bad Extensions

Their is so much stipulations about hair extensions. I hear in the salon all the time 'they're so bad for your hair' or 'they'll rip your hair out' or they'll help your hair grow'. Well let me set some of this mess straight. Yes, some hair extensions are damaging. Seriously though. You think melting glue into your hair is safe? Just because it has Keratin in the glue?! It's still glue! Just let that work GLUE sit in your head for a second.......not good.

Hair extensions ripping your hair out. That's one I hear a lot. Okay everything needs maintenance & hair extensions are A LOT of maintenance. They take extra time to wash, comb, dry, style, everything. So if you go into your head with a regular brush and put that brush RIGHT to your head WHERE the extensions are & BUSH your hair. Ummm .. yeah, I think you are going to rip one out. They're attached to only a few strands of your hair & you need to maintain them exactly how your stylist tells you too!

Hair Extensions will help your hair grow! LOl ... I wish this was true. So here's how it works. We go in and put rows of hair extensions in your hair. Now you see an image every day of yourself with long hair, and day after day your actual hair IS growing you just don't notice it cause you see the extensions. So in all actuality it has NOTHING to do with the extensions. You just aren't noticing your hair growing normally. That's it. It has nothing to do with the extensions themselves. LOL I always did think that statement was quite funny.

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