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Hair Extensions

From the past couple of hair extension clients I've has in my chair I have a few things I would like to address to those of you who are thinking about getting them done. First all, If you are looking to just achieve some length NO you do not need to get 100 pieces in your head. Save some money, get only 60 pieces! Second all, pleaseeeee stop coloring your hair yourself at home! I just put in 60 pieces into one of my clients head & told her over and over again DO NOT color your hair at home! I know how much of an up keep blonde can be, but please don't do it at home! If you overlap bleach onto your extensions they could break! If they break it will be a waste of money for you! Save yourself the head ache, the time & annoyance and just go into a salon (or come see me) and get it done by a professional!

Also I keep getting asked if I can achieve the Ombre look on someone by using hair extensions. My answer would be yes to an extent. I can simply add the hair extensions in places to make it look like you have an ombre color as long as you dont want a three dimensional Ombre!


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